Veronica Gonzalez Peña



JUNCTURE: 25 Very Good Stories and 12 Excellent Drawings
Soft Skull Press, 2003

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Ironic, rebellious, and sexy, this collection of short stories and illustrations reflects not only the jagged rhythms of contemporary American writing but also of American life itself with all its hyphenations, its immigrants, and its migrants. Juncture is an anthology of the Barthelmes, Pynchons, Ellisons, Coovers, and Ackers of today. Some of the contributing writers are absurdist, some stream-of-consciousness, some science fiction, and some based in rhythm with the influence of poetry. Original art and drawings illustrate or respond to each story and reflect the kinds of cultural hybridization that has driven many of these writers. The works of such vibrant writers and artists as Jonathan Lethem, Heather McGowan, Colson Whitehead, Alex Shakar, Carl Hancock Rux, Ben Marcus, Said Shirazi, Jorge Pardo, Chris Ofili, Frances Stark, and Jon Plypchuck aka Rudy Bust are included.

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